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Cool game, but such moments are annoying ^^"

Triangle sticks to the surfaces so it barely moves forward. Idk if this planned so... Idk what to say.  But I kinda liked this game :D

p.s. 55.1 sec

sheesh this is game is fun!! What engine did you code it in,  im assuming unity?

ty , Not Unity But Godot

My favorite game in the jam! Simple, but fun. Eighth game in my compilation video:

Hey ,thanks for promoting my game in thé vidéo :)


Of course, thanks for making such a fun game!

995.2 seconds

using a technique to get through the floor between two horizontal sections

i know this bug , but i forget to fix it , i will fix it next time

40.6 seconds

You got a better score

Yes, this time I got better, but NEXT time, my score will e already 1000 seconds!

ohh Nice , But I Have One Question … Did You Enjoy Playing This Game ?

Yes! This game is very well made! I never could do anything like this!!!!

Yow Thx , btw im Just 15 years Old .if you can support me , Please do It im not Getting Any attention :)

I subscribed to Your Youtube Channel1

Thanks For You.

28.3 secs


Oh, that's a very nice game!

133 sec


32 secs

Good game

Nice Score


23 secs

Good Job


A very minimalistic flappy bird variant^^

Looks very polished, maybe just add some sounds and a more satisfying win screen, maybe with an online highscore

I will ,add them in the next update ,anyways thanks you for Your’e Feed Back


my highscore so far was 19.03 sec.

you may Can get a better score





Thanks For You